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Introducing a revolutionary quality technology for quality living

I-SACA plasma air sanitation solution

I-SACA is recognized by its quality industrial air sanitation systems for utilizing Plascide - the award-winning true "4th State of Matter" plasma technology, provides a safe and clean living environment for your place of work, public areas and private spaces.

Optimized for Indoor Environments

Never before has the danger of illness so drastically affected our work performance and quality of life in today's highly urbanized and crowded habitat. However you can minimize the risk with I-SACA, that delivers a rapid sanitized airspace to your workplace as well as your home effectively by utilizing our ingenious yet versatile true plasma air sanitation generators.

Existing installations of Plascide Air Sanitation Technology

Our unique Plascide technology has been installed at highly sensitive and crucial command nexus such as the Hong Kong Airport Flight Control Tower, and high passenger transit locations such as Hong Kong-Shenzhen cross-border Mass Transit Railway stations. Plascide technology has proven to provide quality air sanitation to successfully attain the “Good” classification standard and beyond, in accordance with the Hong Kong government Indoor Air Quality guidelines.

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