Flu widespread throughout the nation, 30 children dead

"Flu is a contagious, viral illness that causes mild to severe symptoms that can sometimes lead to death.
There were 14,401 new laboratory-confirmed cases during the week ending January 13, bringing the season total to 74,562. These numbers do not include all people who have had the flu, as many do not see a doctor when sick.
There were 10 additional flu-related deaths among children during the week ending January 13, bringing the total for the season to 30 deaths." (CNN-Jan-19)

"One doctor who has worked in emergency medicine for the last 20 years says this is the worst flu season he's seen."

"Overall, there were 31.5 hospitalizations for every 100,000 people during the week ending January 13, compared with 22.7 per 100,000 for the week ending January 6.
"Hopefully we're at the peak now, but until we see it go down for a couple of weeks we won't know that we have reached peak yet," said Brammer. "Some areas of the country may have, but I think some areas are probably still going up."
The H3N2 virus strain, which is known to cause more hospitalizations and more deaths, is the dominant strain this season so far, Brammer said." (CNN-Jan-19)

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